The Whiskey Tasting Vessel

The Tasting Vessel is a unique vessel designed for use only by professional whiskey tasters. This specially made glass is crafted from either wood or metal and is available in four sizes to accommodate a large variety of whiskeys‘ taste. These special glasses allow the taster to pour a small amount of the whiskey to sample its aroma and further impart a feel for the whiskey’s texture and taste. Made in Scotland, America, and England, the Tasting Vessel is a unique piece of artwork, with its distinctive shape and design, and the ability to release the whiskey’s aroma in its unique way.

The original Tasting Vessels was designed by John Draper, a distiller of whiskey in Scotch Plains, New Mexico. His design was inspired by the oak barrels where his whiskey was aged. These special glasses are made of a single piece of wood, which is then finished with a resin medium that helps create a rich appearance and long-lasting aroma.