Modern Bathroom Trends: Frosted Glass Shower Screens

Installing a new shower screen in your bathroom is a great way to keep your bath area looking new, clean and fresh without costing an arm and a leg. The latest bathroom style trend in shower screens is the frosted glass shower screens. To know why frosted glass is the best option for bathroom shower screens, read the following guide below.

1: Offers Complete Privacy

A great benefit of opting for frosted glass screens in the shower area is that it gives you complete privacy without feeling closed or losing light(bathroom light and natural light). It allows other people to use the bathroom (open or all-in-one bathroom) while you are in the shower without allowing them they see what they shouldn’t.

2: Versatile

Shower screens made of frosted glass look elegant and classy and also do not interfere with the color of walls and tiles.

3: Easy to Maintain

The shower screens do not require routine cleaning as frosted glass does not show soap scum as easily as clear glass.

Available in varied options, such as a frameless shower screen, fixed panel shower screen, sliding shower screen, and framed shower screen, frosted glass shower screens are all you need to keep the bathroom looking sleek, polished and unified.