It Is Cool To Touch Male Strippers?

If you’re one of the many people, male or female, who enjoys watching male strippers, then you’re not alone. Female strippers are usually more common, and finding a male strip joint can be challenging. However, if you do find one, you might wonder why you can touch male strippers and not female.

When a woman chooses to strip, she is often doing so for several reasons, with money being the number one reason. Many female strippers would rather not dance and remove their clothing in front of an audience, and the thought of being touched by some of them might be repulsive. However, on the other hand, male strippers also strip for the money, but men are more likely to welcome touching by fans. Of course if someone touches a male stripper that the stripper doesn’t approve of, there could be a problem. In either case, it’s probably not cool to touch male strippers without knowing the rules and if the stripper will approve. More details about it here.