Avoiding Medical Resident Burnout

Long hours and nearly impossible tasks seem to plague every advanced student with dreams of becoming a doctor. Medical resident burnout is real, and statistics show that it’s increasing in teaching hospitals across the world. If you’re a resident wondering how to cope, it’s important that you focus on self-care and find a community of supportive colleagues.

Self-care is easy for doctors to forget. You have to make it a priority when you’re training and studying for long hours. Your days off may come without any real consistency, and sometimes it seems like you only have an hour or two to yourself. Make good use of those hours. Do what feels good, soothing, and safe. Take walks or hikes. Engage in yoga and meditation. Pursue a passion.

You also need community. Talk to other residents. Share how you feel and exchange coping methods. This won’t reduce your workload, but you’ll feel less alone.