Isle Of Wight Camping: The Ultimate Guide

If you’re looking for an incredible camping experience, look no further than the Isle of Wight! This beautiful island is teeming with campsites that offer something for everyone. From secluded spots overlooking the sea to campgrounds in the heart of bustling towns, you’re sure to find the perfect spot to set up your tent or park your RV. To help you plan your trip, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to Isle of Wight camping.

What should I know about this?

The Isle of Wight is located off the south coast of England and is easy to reach by ferry from Portsmouth, Southampton, or Lymington. The island is just over 23 miles long and 13 miles wide, making it the perfect size for a weekend getaway or longer vacation. With its mild climate, stunning scenery, and wealth of things to do, it’s no wonder that the Isle of Wight is such a popular camping destination.

What are the best camping spots on the Isle of Wight?

  • Freshwater Bay: This secluded beach is perfect for those who want to get away from it all. With its dramatic cliffs and crystal-clear waters, Freshwater Bay is one of the most beautiful spots on the island.
  • Compton Beach: Located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Compton Beach is a great place for nature lovers. The beach is also home to a number of shipwrecks, making it a popular spot for scuba diving and snorkeling.

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