Diving With Whale Sharks – Enjoy The Thrills

How does Diving with Whale Sharks sounds?

If you are a scuba diver or have a passion for snorkeling, the last thing you would want to hear is the term shark, as it reminds you of the frightful movie jaws! What if you could go underwater and swim with sharks? Before you go running, we are talking about white sharks. There are many open seas where you can get underwater, with the presence of trained scuba divers and watersports services. The people who are with you will guide you to the spot where you will witness many whale sharks lurking around.

Do not worry, whale sharks are not the one who runs after the human, and they will calmly swim with you. These gentle whale sharks only feed on the microorganisms, have a speed of 3 mph, and have no interest in feeding on humans. At best, they will swim alongside you. So this is one adventure that you should not miss!