Political Influence Training: Main Points

Political influencing training is a must for political candidates and officeholders. It teaches you how to influence voters in your district by reaching them on the right level.

What is political influencing training?

Political influencing training is a series of lectures and workshops on political strategies for officeholders.

How political influences work

There are three main ways that political influence can be brought to bear in an election: persuade, dissuade or cajole. Persuading people means convincing them you’re the best candidate by being authentic and presenting more factual information (a political advertisement).

Cajoling people means emotionally appealing to their feelings by understanding them and presenting more emotional information, like a political commercial. And dissuading people is what we call negative campaigning when you try to make the other candidate look bad instead of good.

The main points of political influencing training are:

-How to develop political campaign messages that resonate with voters in your district

  • How to use political fundraising techniques
  • The importance of political campaign consulting services

The focus of political influencing training is on communication and mobilization tactics that can be used in campaigns. If you don’t communicate effectively, you won’t succeed in influencing a person.