Virtual College Tours: A Student’s Guide

Virtual college tours for students: A virtual college tour is a virtual simulation of a traditional campus tour, where students can virtually visit and explore colleges from the comfort of their homes. Virtual tours offer many advantages over conventional campus visits: they’re more convenient than visiting multiple campuses in person; there’s no risk of running into someone who knows you; it’s easy to schedule an appointment at any time that works with your schedule, and virtual tours are free!

1) They allow for prospective students to visit multiple campuses without the need to travel across the country physically

2) They provide an immersive experience that often includes 360-degree views, giving potential students a feel for what it would be like on their new campus at school

3) Virtual university trips allow for high school students and parents alike to get information about different schools in one place

One of the best things about virtual college tours is that they are not limited to just students. Parents can also use virtual campus tours as a way for them to get an idea of what their student’s school day may be like.