A Bhutan Road Trip Provides For An Incredible Experience

A Bhutan road trip is an abounding desire to revisit this tiny country with awe-inspiring landscapes. Bhutan is a unique, stunning, and culturally rich country to visit. It’s stunningly beautiful geography, diverse culture, and rich heritage attracts travelers from across the globe.

A Bhutan road trip is the best way to explore the unparalleled beauty that the country has to offer, from the serene and majestic highlands to the wide and stunning jungle valleys. A Bhutan road trip starts with a visit to the Thimphu Valley, situated on the edge of the Thimphu River. From here, visitors can expect to see an unforgettable experience of the world’s first national park as well as an opportunity to view hippos and elephants. Other attractions include the Thimphu Valley, the Lamtso River, all of which are home to many exciting sights, activities, and sites to explore.