What Is Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss?

Hypnotherapy is a method of treatment that uses hypnosis, a trance-like state in which a person is more focused and receptive to suggestions. The goal of hypnotherapy for weight loss is to help people change their eating habits and lose weight.

There are many different ways to use hypnotherapy for weight loss. One common approach is to have the person listen to a hypnosis tape or CD every day. This helps them focus on losing weight and making healthy eating choices. Another approach is for the therapist to hypnotize the person and give them specific suggestions for losing weight. This can be done in one session or a series of sessions. Hypnotherapy can also be used along with other weight loss methods, such as dieting and exercise.

One study found that hypnotherapy was more effective than cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) for weight loss. However, the study was small and did not include a control group. Another study showed that hypnotherapy effectively reduced weight and waist circumference, but only in people who were highly motivated to lose weight.

Compared to other treatments for obesity, such as surgery or medication, hypnotherapy is relatively inexpensive. However, the cost may vary depending on the therapist’s experience and location.