Pelvic Therapy Exercises And Bladder Control

Urinary incontinence can be very embarrassing and does not necessarily affect those of advancing age. While there can be many different causes for this, weakening of the pelvic muscles can play a significant role, especially in women, though men can be affected as well. With this being said, pelvic therapy exercises can help reduce and, in some cases, eliminate urinary incontinence. These exercises are simple, yet effective movements that can be performed just about anywhere. Since most of the therapy movements can be done so discreetly, they can be done at any time. Although there are products that one can buy, such as weights, they are not needed. The exercises do not require any special type of equipment. Pelvic exercises are something that almost anyone can do, regardless of their age or physical fitness level that can help improve a weakening bladder floor and pelvic muscles.