Why Batch Traceability Is Important For Retail Food Businesses

Batch traceability is a must in the food and beverage industry. After all, how do you guarantee that your product (or products) are consistently fresh and on the shelf when you need to quickly market and sell to your customers? And how do you protect your product’s freshness from loss or theft? Whether you’re in the retail beverage industry or run an online operation, batch traceability is fundamental to the success of your company and the security of your product.

To help clarify, in the food and beverage industry, ‘batch’ refers to the number of packages or bottles of product that have been packaged and shipped to your customers within a short period. This can range from just a few cases to thousands of cases, though the smaller number of cases per shipment will have less impact on your batch traceability. The keyword here is ‘quick.’ If you want to quickly identify your product and the person who ordered it in your store – you need to be able to trace that order in the chain.