The Matrix Barcode Software

A Matrix Barcode is a compact yet efficient encoding format for barcodes. Used for recording, tracking, and storing data, Matrix Barcode Software is available in software packages such as F-Market, C-BizPanel, and SuperPages. The software has been designed to simplify creating barcodes, both as user-friendly as possible and as economical as possible. One can opt for the manual encoding of the matrix code or opt for automatic transcription if the need arises. All data entered into the system can be encoded and tracked through the Matrix Barcode, which includes an advanced scanner suitable for data entry ranging from simple data on commodity prices to complex data on the stock market.

The software works by scanning the barcode and then presenting it as a graphical image in the required format. After the image has been created, Matrix can be used to encode the data in the form of an audio or a video file.