Features Of BLDC Controllers

There are several advantages of using brushless DC motors in electronic projects. They prove better compared to the brushed motors in certain applications, mainly because of their electronic commutation feature. The controller can switch the current instantly, allowing better regulation of the motor’s characteristics. BLDC controllers are designed to improve the effectiveness of these features. They make it easier to manage and control the DC motors.

This controller is used to regulate torque and speed. The motor can be stopped, started, and reversed. The controller has sensors like the hall-effect sensor to detect the rotor position. This position check can be performed even without the sensors. The sensor detects the position of the rotor, measures it, and sends this data. The controller receives this information. Its transistors change the current and energize the stator winding at the exact moment. Both sensor and sensorless techniques can be used to detect the position of the rotor.