3 Reasons To Implement Soft Skills Microlearning

The soft skills gap is a serious issue in the workforce. Today, they are more important than hard skills when it comes to employment prospects and workplace satisfaction. They also include soft service qualities such as empathy, listening, and persuasion. These gaps have been widening over the last few decades, with employer surveys showing that soft skills shortages are affecting up to 80% of companies worldwide.

  • The article will discuss three reasons why you should implement soft skill microlearning on your website:
  • First, it helps employees develop their soft service qualities by providing them with an opportunity to practice these essential work behaviors;
  • Second – Tools like Microlearn help learners retain information better than traditional methods, as soft skill microlearning utilizes a learner-centered approach;
  • Third – Microlearn provides learners with an easy way to access soft skills content on the fly. When they need it most, soft skill microlearning can be accessed anytime and anywhere from any mobile device or desktop computer (no apps are necessary).
    Soft skills are essential to success. They are the little things that make a big impact on your professional life and relationships with others, but soft skills training is often overlooked. Soft skills microlearning is an interactive way to help you learn soft skills in a more manageable way.