Zoho Projects Integration: Information Guide

Zoho Projects is a project management suite that offers Zoho Projects, Zoho Docs, Zoho Sheet, and Zoho ShowTime. The integration of these programs together with your website can help you increase productivity and enhance the user experience. This article will introduce three ways Zoho projects integration can benefit your business:

1) updates on real-time data,

2) improved collaboration capabilities

3) increased customer engagement.

The Zoho Projects application syncs with your Google Analytics account to update information in real-time when changes are made in Google Analytics reports or when new traffic occurs on specific pages. For example, if someone visits one of the pages for “services,” they will see “services” as one of the options.

Zoho projects integration with your website can improve collaboration capabilities between employees and customers. When a customer initiates a project, they are given a unique project link to share with their team. This will allow them to track the project’s progress while granting access to the customer to specific pages and tasks within the project.