Who Broke The Weather?

Climate change is something we can all agree upon. Unfortunately, that is about all we can agree upon. It is the causes of climate change disruption that is in furious dispute rather than the obvious fact of that disruption.

Naturally, there are many proponents of climate change being a man made phenomenon, and this is certainly a contributing factor. Yet there are many other factors that also are having an impact as well.

The planet is just now reaching the tail end of an 11 year solar cycle, so a certain degree of disruption is to be expected from solar activity. Volcanic events and earthquakes seem to be picking up as well. The global pandemic has drastically altered emission patterns worldwide as well.

Much to the surprise of climate models everywhere, the slowdown of emissions in China seems to have been counter-cyclical in nature, even as cosmic ray counts reach all time highs. Lots to ponder as new sources of data come into play.