What Is Hubble Financial Reporting?

Hubble is a suite of integrated management applications produced by Insightsoftware. It provides analytics and reporting functions for an organization’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. The Hubble financial reporting functions include the following:

• Real Time Data – using a direct connection to a company’s ERP it ensures reports are based on real-time information

• Full ERP Integration – provides user friendly functions for access to ERP data

• Pre-built Templates – the program offers hundreds pre-built templates for quick implementation that are all fully customizable

• Supports Ad-hoc Inquiries – provides flexible, interactive data discovery and analysis that can be modified on the fly

• Flexible Custom reports – enables the creation of custom reports without requiring IT support intervention

• Drill Down to Source Data – provides the ability to drill down, up and across transactional or summary data as required

• Fast performance – provides fast processing for quicker, more accurate results