What Black Life Coaches Are Doing Differently Than Other Life Coaches

The field of life coaching is changing fast with the incorporation of Black personal development strategies and practices. With the evolution of Black life coaching, people are finding new ways to enhance their lives and, in turn, increasing their self-satisfaction and sense of self-worth. Black Life Coaches work with individuals, couples, families, children, and groups. In addition to incorporating Black personal development strategies and practice, Black life coaches also embrace the philosophy of Oneness–an ancient principle that transcends all concepts and belief systems.

Black life coaching has transformed the lives of so many. It has effectively given an unprecedented outlet, effective, creative, uplifting, and encouraging a new channel for self-expression for so many people. Black life coaches themselves have experienced tremendous success, freedom, and potential in the profession. As a result of the industry’s continuing growth and success, many certified black life coaches have achieved well-deserved retirement from their professional careers.