The Types And Benefits Of Cyber Security Monitoring

Virtual monitoring is the process of continuously observing an IT system to detect data breaches, cyber threats, or other system vulnerabilities. Two types of Cyber Security Monitoring are endpoint monitoring and network monitoring.

The benefits of virtual monitoring are the changing cybersecurity landscape, stringent compliance & regulatory requirements, minimize data breaches, improve your mean-time-to-respond, and knowing who your adversaries are with threat intelligence. Tips for personal cybersecurity are keeping your software up to date, using anti-virus protection and firewall and using strong passwords, and using a password management tool.

Other tips are using multi-factor authentication, learning about Phishing scams, protecting sensitive personally identifiable information, and using your mobile devices securely.

To conclude, talk to a cyber monitoring representative and find additional monitoring methods to keep your computers safe and free from cyber threats. Virtual monitoring is so worth checking out.