The Subtle Art Of Office Politics: Tips On Surviving The Workplace

How do you survive workplace politics? It’s a question that many people ask themselves when they get to the office each day. The truth is, it’s not easy. Many factors are involved, and we all have different personalities and skillsets.
How to survive this situation?

  • Be a good listener – If you pay attention, it’s incredible how helpful information people can give you about workplace politics and office dynamics if they feel like they’re being listened to.
  • Build relationships outside your department or team – You don’t want workplace politics causing friction between yourself and other departments in your workplace, which is why building solid relations with everyone is essential.
  • Don’t be afraid of confrontation – Sometimes, shooting straight from the hip isn’t such a bad thing when dealing with workplace conflicts. Always remember that there are many ways to deal with workplace conflict without becoming passive-aggressive.
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