Problems That Occupational Therapist Kalgoorlie Faces Daily.

Occupational Therapist Kalgoorlie, like all other rural or any other low density populated non-urban areas all face the same problem, a lack of facilities to treat the real needy patients and support structure that goes with it.

Most people living in these areas are the elderly or too ill to move to the urban cities, where the OT’s are all over the place, but in the rural areas the patient to OT ratio is unbalanced.

This not only makes getting to these patients a huge problem but the time it takes to treat the patients is never sufficient enough as there are too little OT’s to go around.

With the majority of school leavers and or young healthy adults, leaving the rural area for the urban cities. is another great problem as very few if any will return to help in any way with these patients that need OT help.

Most rural OT’s are either retired or state-funded to be there!