Power BI Administration: A Quick And Simple Introduction

Power BI Administration is a Power BI feature that allows you to manage your Power BI content. This article will provide a quick and straightforward introduction to PowerBI administration, including what it does, who should use it, and how to sign in.

What is it?

Power BI Administration is a PowerBI service that allows you to manage your Power BI content. It provides a way for IT professionals, Power Query developers, and power users without admin rights on the Power BI team site to create new workbooks or update existing ones from their browser window.

Who should use it?

Power BI Administrators are responsible for defining security and user access to Power BI content and features. Power BI Administrators can manage PowerBI Service Application settings, control the data security of Power BI services by configuring service applications for encryption at rest or in-flight

How to sign in?

There are three ways you can sign into PowerBI administration:

▪️Click on the “Administer Power BI” button on the PowerBI service tab in Power BI Service

▪️Sign into PowerBI.com

▪️Click the “Administer Power BI” link at the bottom of the Admin Center homepage when logged out from your work or school account.

We hope this brief information was helpful.