Overview Of Propane Wellfleet

Propane Wellfleet is an energy company that specializes in propane, propylene, and propane. They offer propane storage tanks for sale and various propane products, including liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders, bottled LPG, bulk propane delivery services, and more. This article will provide you with an overview of this company’s history and its offer to customers today.

What is Propane Wellfleet?

Propane Wellfleet provides propylene, propane, and other related hydrocarbons to meet the needs of their customer base in New England; they are headquartered out of Boston, Massachusetts. The company was founded by three entrepreneurs back in 2010. Since then, they have been working to provide propane heating solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors.

In their most recent partnership with the New England Clean Energy Council (NECEC), Propane Wellfleet has made it possible to sell propane tanks without the cost of installation to help customers save money on this propane heating system.

In 2013, propane Wellfleet helped more than 700 customers convert from propane to an electric heater through their propane conversion program. They are still going strong with the same mission in mind: providing propylene.

“Safety is our number one priority,” says Scott Maclean, Managing Partner at Propane Wellfleet Corporation. “Our propane conversion program is the safest and most economical way to convert from propane.”

In addition, they offer a variety of propane products for residential heating needs, such as propylene gas in 20-pound or 100-pound cylinders; liquid propane tanks that are inflated with air so customers can use them indoors.

You can find more information on Propane Wellfleet and other similar services provided in the Wellfleet area online.