Knowledge Toolkit For The Manager

A knowledge toolkit is a set of generic and customizable tools that can be used for managing knowledge across an enterprise. Many of today’s managers are finding that it is necessary to improve how they gain information and process that information in a way that helps them make better decisions for their organizations. Unfortunately, an important factor that has affected how many organizations operate is that many of them have lost the focus on a central purpose that defined their very existence – becoming a true business enabler and growth catalyst that accelerates growth in the marketplace. This has been a cause for much frustration amongst many businesses that have tried to apply the lessons learned during the past and have failed to leverage the lessons learned over time to become truly competitive.

When a manager creates a knowledge project, they are creating a process and a portfolio for their organization. The process and portfolio both provide information on what the organization currently lacks and what its strengths are. Along with this information, the knowledge toolkit will provide a means by which the organization can measure its progress and performance against desired goals.