Is Subculture In Decline?

In recent subculture news, critics claim that subcultures (such as Goths, Steampunk and alternative music, to name just a few) are in decline because of the homogenization of culture that tends to occur in a digital culture and the general blandness that permeates youth culture.

However some have argued that subculture is being kept alive by older adherents who have not abandoned the radicalism of their youth. Goths are a good example with an annual event in Whitby, England proving that subcultures still survive. Started as a celebration of the 1970s Goth movement, which featured black clothes and a dark aesthetic with corresponding melancholic music, the festival has begun to attract other, related, subcultures such as adherents of the literary legacy of Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula and devotees of Steampunk, a literary conceit in which the world never developed technology beyond the invention of the steam engine.