How To Set Up Kerio Mail Server: A Brief Tutorial

In this blog post, we will talk about how to set up a Kerio Mail Server. We will go into detail about the setup process and discuss whether or not it is worth setting up a Kerio Mail Server for your company. The first thing you should know is that there are two ways to set up Kerio: by installing from scratch or upgrading an existing mail server. If you have never used any type of email system before, then I would recommend installing from scratch because it is easier to fix problems when they arise during installation as opposed to after everything has already been installed.

If you have an existing mail server, then the upgrade process might be better suited for your needs because it does not involve much work on your part. All you have to do is download the Kerio mail server installation CD, insert it into your computer’s CD drive and follow the instructions on screen for installing.

If I were going to set up a new email system from scratch, then here are some steps that would be involved: select an appropriate operating system (Windows or Linux); choose a domain name (optional but recommended to help you find your server on the internet) from available lists; select an appropriate mail software package and download it.

I would then install my operating system of choice onto a hard drive in my computer tower, boot up, and follow the instructions for installing Kerio Mail Server.