Custom Resin Charms: Three Things You Should Know

Custom resin charms are made of clear, hard plastic. They can be created with any design and color you want! They come in many different shapes and sizes to suit just about anyone’s needs: whether you need them as part of a keychain or necklace, they’ll have the perfect shape and size for it! They can be used as jewelry, keychains, or even on backpacks. They’re often custom-made to commemorate an event, such as a wedding or graduation.

Here are three things you should know about custom resin charms:

1) You can choose what shape and size of charm you want to make;
2) Resin is durable and won’t break easily;
3) It’s easy to customize your design with custom color combinations.

Although custom resin charms are a great product, it is important to be aware of some things about them before you order. Firstly, most custom resin charm suppliers require an initial minimum order quantity upon ordering. Also, the shape and size can vary depending on customer specifications. Finally, custom color combinations help make your design unique!