Cabling Solutions Austin TX – 3 Main Points Of Information

Cabling Solutions Austin TX is a network cabling company that offers network installation, network upgrades, network repair, and network maintenance. They also offer voice and data cabling services for small businesses to large corporations. Here are 3 points about network cabling in Austin Texas:


Cables are the physical wiring of a computer network system; they connect all of your equipment together


Network cables come in different types such as coaxial cable; twisted-pair cable; fiber optic cable or wireless connection (WiFi). Which type of wire you use depends on what you want to do with it and how much money you have available.

For instance, coaxial is usually used for high-speed connections like video streaming while twisted-pair is more cost-effective and can be used for network connectivity throughout a large office.


With each new generation of network cabling comes faster, higher quality speeds; as long as you have the equipment to handle it. And for those who don’t want to worry about upgrades or compatibility issues should go with Cat-type cable because it’s backward compatible meaning that if your network needs to increase down the road your network will still work without having to upgrade any hardware.

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