3 Surprising Tips For Maintaining Your Golf Cart

Golf carts are a great way to golf, but they also need maintenance. These golf cart maintenance tips will help you keep your golf cart running smoothly and looking good!

Oil Changes

Have regular oil changes done on your golf cart to make sure that it runs well. Golf carts require synthetic oil because of the heat that comes from the engine. If you use standard petroleum-based oils, then your golf cart may be prone to breaking down more often than necessary.


Keep up with general repairs as needed, including tire pressure, steering alignment, brake fluid levels, battery life, etc. You can find many DIY tutorials online for these tasks or ask an automobile mechanic for assistance if you cannot do them yourself.


Store it in a dry, shaded area if you aren’t using your golf cart. This will help to protect the golf cart from rusting and other damage. Sun can fade paint jobs over time if the golf cart isn’t stored correctly, so be sure to consider this as well!

To conclude, maintaining your golf cart is vital for keeping it running smoothly and preserving its lifespan. These three tips are just a few of the many ways that you can keep your golf cart looking good and running great!