Potts Point Cafe – Here Is All You Need To Know

The Potts Point café, part of the Daimon Group, is a collection of bars and restaurants spread across Sydney. The Group has recently opened another eatery at Rose Bay called the Prospect Bar & Kitchen (check out their website). This article will focus on the cafe’s location, menu items available, and some coffee talk but first, let’s learn some about its history!

Potts Point Cafes History

A third of Sydney’s early colonial theatres were located in the eastern suburbs, many in Potts Point. These included the Theatre Royal (1834), later to become Her Majesty’s Theatre (1866), Tattersall’s Ltd (later known as Criterion Theatre, 1854), Victoria Theatre (1856), St James’ Hall (1861–63; destroyed by fire in 1895) and King’s Theatre also in King Street.

Throughout this period, small cafes began to spring up around these theatres serving food and drink. The majority of these catered predominantly for the need of patrons attending theatreland. However, some were more popular with members of the public who wanted an inexpensive light meal or afternoon tea after a visit to Paddington markets or on a day out to Coogee beach.

Potts Point Cafe Today:

The Potts Point Café is located on the corner of Bayswater Road and Challis Avenue. The area has a long history with its development surrounding the proximity to the theatre district, Paddington markets, and Coogee Beach. Today it is still considered one of Sydney’s best café locations, with many tourists visiting to enjoy an afternoon tea while taking in the views over Woolloomooloo Bay. On weekends you will often find this location jam-packed with people, so if you are after a quieter experience, consider going during weekdays or reserving your table to avoid disappointment.

Potts Point Cafe Menu:

The Potts Point Cafe offers its patrons both indoor and outdoor seating, depending on what suits your mood. Come rain or shine; you will be able to enjoy views across Sydney. If you are looking for something light, then try their avocado toast with crumbled feta, smoked salmon, and poached eggs (served on rustic sourdough). If you prefer something a little more filling, try the breakfast burrito, which comes with chorizo sausage, roasted cherry tomatoes, chili sauce, scrambled eggs, and chipotle mayo wrapped in a tortilla wrap.

Coffee at Potts Point Cafe:

If coffee is what you are after when visiting the Potts Point cafe, then look no further than their special house blend of coffee, which they serve using Square Mile Coffee Roasters beans. The beans are ground in-store daily for that cup of java! You can also enjoy other coffee drinks such as cappuccinos, lattes, mochas, and cold drip.