Kit Home Designs Offer A Variety Or Home Styles

When looking to buy or build a new home, the road to finding the perfect home that fits your wants and needs can get difficult to navigate. Cost, location, size, and style all make finding the right home seem almost impossible. Kit homes are an excellent solution to owning the home of your dreams by offering a large variety of floorplans, styles, and sizes.

Kit home designs can range from the small and simple to large and extravagant with modern floorplans that can accommodate any taste and style. Prices for kit homes can range from as little as $30 per square foot to over $600 per square foot.

If you’re considering doing most or all of the build yourself, then you might want to start with a modest design of 1000 square feet or less. There are very simple designs for kit homes that are truly tiny at 60 square feet that even the novice builder can complete.