How To Care For Your Pink Princess Philodendron

A pink princess philodendron is a beautiful houseplant that can be used in many different ways. If you are like most people, you may not know much about caring for this plant. This article will discuss three easy steps to help your pink princess philodendron thrive and grow!

First, pink princess philodendron plants do not like being placed near direct sunlight. It may be tempting to put it in the main window of your home, but this will only result in its death! Instead, try placing the plant away from the sun and instead use a bright light that can reach it every day for about 15 minutes during midday.

Second, we recommend fertilizing pink princess philodendrons with a monthly water-soluble fertilizer at half strength mixed into the watering container.

Third, make sure you know which type of pink princess philodendron you have by looking at the roots under potting soil before planting to see if they are red or pink.

House plants are beautiful, especially those well-kept. So, protect your philodendron with these tips, and you will have a long and healthy plant for your home.