Who Is Maharashtra Philanthropy

MAHARASHTRA was established in1978 in Rochester, New York as a charitable foundation under the law of the United States of America. The founders are the ten Marathi families motivated by saints like Namdeo and Tukaram. It is an organization driven by the U.S constitutional rights such as freedom, equality, secularism, and human rights.
They commit to upholding fundamental human rights. The organizations always offer their support to organizations that help weaker and marginalized sections of the society. Their main goal is to improve the quality of life among the underprivileged sections of the community.
Maharashtra philanthropy works towards improving education in the Indian villages. They also ensure that there is proper healthcare available in rural communities. They empower women towards economic development. In disaster-stricken communities, they help in rebuilding and revitalizing. They also help other foundations by building their imaging and create worldwide recognition for them.