Dried Botanics And Their Benefits

Dried botanics or herbal extracts are products that have been derived from the leaves, stems, and roots of a single plant. Botanicals are normally preserved by using cold or hot drying processes and may be further processed to maintain the medicinal properties of the product. Common botanicals included in perfumes, essential oils, and deodorants are the product of this process.

Aromatherapy uses a variety of dried botanicals for producing scents. Aromatherapy is often used for aromatherapy treatment to cure certain health disorders and relaxation. Aromatherapy products include the dried flowers, leaves, and stems of various aromatic herbs. Products like shampoos, lotions, soap, candles, body gels, bath gel, soaps, bath salts, and teas are a type of dried botanicals used in aromatherapy.

It is advisable to buy dried botanicals in the form of a dried flower, leaf, and stem. This will help in preserving the potency and aroma of the product.