Midmark M11 Tabletop Autoclave

Steam sterilizers also known as autoclaves are an integral part of the laboratories, clinics and hospitals where instruments are sterilized frequently. These devices help process sterilization jobs quickly and easily. It helps meet the sterilization standards as recommended by the medical departments. Midmark M11 is a heavy-duty autoclave designed to operate safely and reliably. It has a very large chamber for a tabletop autoclave. Instruments in it can be sterilized quickly with minimum effort.

This device uses many new technologies to deliver effective sterilization using steam. Many of the sterilization tasks can be automated in it. The process can be pre-programmed using intuitive LCD display. Users receive real-time alerts if there is a critical system error. It measures 18.1″ x 17.8″ x 17.8″ corresponding to length x width x height. Its chamber has 11″ diameter and 18″ depth offering 6.5-gallon usable volume. Its unit weight is 99 lb and it has 1.4-gallon water reservoir capacity.