Insight To CP Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy proves to be a milestone in controlling the symptoms of Cerebral Palsy, a disease caused due to abnormal development of brain or any injury to brain. This disease mostly affects the children of tender ages and has no cure. CP physiotherapy is recommended to all the children suffering from this disease whether they are on initial stages or are at extreme stages. This disease retards muscle movement, deformalities in limbs, unbalanced body posture and impairment to perform day to day activities.

Under the guidance of certified Physiotherapists, children are guided, trained and monitored to perform specific exercises and balancing postures to improve motor skills. Heat therapies, massage, equipments, weight bearing, splinting, passive stretching, muscle strengthening and functional exercises are implemented to improve muscle strength, postural balance and psychological health of the child. Physiotherapical treatment provides an independent existence to the child, reduces chances of bone deformity.