Implementing The Telehealth Chart

When patients have trouble keeping track of their health or having problems remembering to take their medicine, they may turn to a telehealth chart to help. Telemedicine allows patients to receive medical attention anywhere they may be – in the comfort of their own home. Patients can receive routine care from a highly trained medical staff and receive medical attention in places where they would otherwise have had to go without insurance or other coverage for treatment. With the growth of Internet communication, telemedicine has become increasingly popular for patients and their families. A telehealth chart is an ideal way to keep a close eye on a patient’s health.

When you want to create a quality telehealth chart, several pieces of information need to be collected from the patient. The first piece of data is the patient’s name. Next, the patient’s primary physician or doctor needs to be contacted. The information gathered from these phone calls needs to include the patient’s name, address, primary physician, any allergies, and a short description of the patient’s health-related information.