The New, Unexpected Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is not your average comedian. He has an Instagram account with more than one million followers, and he’s also the first person to reach 100 million views on YouTube for his stand-up comedy videos. And while he does have a few movies under his belt, it seems that he has now become better known as a social media celebrity than an actor. But what would make someone who has already accomplished so much decide to start over? The answer will surprise you!

The New Kevin Hart: It may be difficult to believe, but just this year, Kevin Hart turned down many multimillion dollar deals from major brands because of the toxic culture surrounding them. “I’m not going out there endorsing companies or products where I don’t believe in the company or I don’t believe in the product,” Hart said. “And, if you want to know, this is just my opinion here… but it’s not like Coca-Cola is doing something wrong.”

Additionally, Kevin Hart has been touring the country on his “Irresponsible Tour” with a message of social justice and equality. He donated $25,000 to Black Lives Matter in July because he believes it’s important for people like him who have platforms to use their voices as means by which they can make change happen — even if only small change at present.

Kevin Hart is proof that no matter how high you rise or where you are an individual, there will always be room for growth and improvement. They say what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger! And Kevin has proven this time again. The New Kevin Hart proves just that-he’s come back from all those negative moments–and now we know why: It was part of his plan!