Neutral Bay Law Firm – Basic Overview

Neutral Bay Law Firm provides various services to Neutral Bay, Sydney, and the surrounding area.

What do they provide?

They provide a variety of legal advice on criminal, family, and litigation matters. They offer specialist assistance for intellectual property rights and conveyancing matters.

Who they serve?

They serve individuals, families, and businesses.

What other firms are in Neutral Bay?

The following firms are in Neutral Bay:

  • Cooper and Co. Lawyers

What were their fees?

They charge $350 for a half-hour session, with hourly rates of $750 per hour after that. They also offer fixed-price packages for certain services to suit individual needs. The firm offers free consultations so that way you’ll know what services you need and which firm is the best for you.

There are many Law firms in Neutral Bay, each with its specialties. Contact the one best suited for your ongoing cases.