About Healthcare Law Provisions

Healthcare law is a vast field of legal practice that encompass national, state, and local laws, principles, regulations, codes, policies, and other procedural jurisprudence relating to health care delivery, medical providers, insurers, and payers to the health care sector and its clients, and payment of health care claims. The scope of the healthcare law is quite broad, covering a wide range of topics like health insurance, health information technology, employment practices in the health sector, health records and personal information, medical malpractice and negligence, and patient’s rights.

Healthcare law can be broadly categorized into two main categories healthcare policy and healthcare litigation. Healthcare policy deals with the overall organization of health policies and general concepts of healthcare. While healthcare litigation pertains to cases filed against healthcare entities, aiming to improve healthcare, minimize healthcare costs and ensure patient’s rights and security. These lawsuits address issues like malpractice, errors in diagnosis and treatment, medical errors, patient safety, quality assurance, adequate compensation for workers injured on the job, collection and distribution of consumer debt, compulsory care, health information management, and more.