Sustainable Garden Design: A Guide With 3 Helpful Tips

In this informative and entertaining article, we will discuss sustainable garden design. To be sustainable, a garden must have the ability to support its life cycle with minimal input from outside sources. This can be achieved by utilizing three simple tips! Read on for more information about sustainable gardening and making your yard a healthier place!

Planting trees

Trees are important because they provide shade in hot weather, protection against harsh winds during winter months, and an ornamental appearance year-round.

Selecting drought-tolerant plants

Drought-tolerant plants use less water than other types of vegetation due to their reduced need for soil moisture. Furthermore, they usually have deep root systems that help to soak up groundwater before it can evaporate.


Mulching is an easy way to conserve water in your garden. By placing a layer of organic material (such as bark mulch, leaves, or compost) around the base of plants, you will prevent moisture from evaporating and minimize the need for watering.

In sustainable garden design, it is essential to choose plants that are able to thrive with minimal input from outside sources. Utilizing these three simple tips will help create a healthy and sustainable garden!