Three Basic WCB Alberta Policies

When an employee is injured on the job, WCB Alberta will step in to assist. WCB Alberta provides financial compensation to employees who are injured at work and ensures that they have access to medical care and rehabilitation. Here is a piece of brief information about WCB Alberta policies.

What is WCB Alberta Return to Work policy?

When an employee’s doctor releases them back to work following a medical leave of absence, the worker can return with some modifications to accommodate their injury. WCB Alberta has guidelines for how much modified work you are allowed and what types of accommodations may be needed. WCB Alberta will also determine if the worker is entitled to other benefits such as long-term disability or vocational rehabilitation.

What is WCB Alberta’s Safety Policy?

Safety policies are put in place for several reasons. Still, most importantly, it ensures that employees can do their job without being at risk from workplace hazards and unsafe conditions.

What is the WCB’s Long Term Disability Benefits?

WCB Alberta provides long-term disability benefits when an employee cannot work due to a permanent or temporary disability. WCB Alberta will provide a payment per week for as long as the worker needs it to help them maintain their standard of living and stay out of poverty.

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