What Is An Antique Rug?

Antique rugs have increased in popularity in recent years with many people valuing the artistic features and qualities of these floor coverings. As a consequence, however, their supplies have been reduced to such an extent that rugs that are marketed as ‘antique’ are actually produced in factories in Near East countries and are no more antique than the shag pile you can buy at your local emporium.

To qualify as an antique, a rug must have been produced in the 19th century or earlier. The terms ‘oriental rug’ or ‘Persian rug‘ that are used in advertising make no guarantees about their age. In fact, true masterpieces rarely come up for sale and buyers often have no opportunity to even see them, let alone purchase them. Ultimately, the divide between antique rugs and pieces created later, is less about age than their quality at all levels, including the materials they are made from and the artistry employed to make them.