What Dureflex Flooring Can Do For You

Dureflex flooring is a revolutionary flooring system that combines the reliability and cost-effectiveness of hardwood with the ease and comfort of carpeting. Made from a combination of polymers and lubricants, it can endure extreme temperatures and last much longer than any other flooring system on the market. It is available in a wide range of textures – from ultra-smooth and glossy to coarse and rough. It can be installed over just about any floor, including concrete, wood, tile, laminate, and vinyl. It can also be used for stairs and garages as well as around pools and spas.

The flooring can withstand moisture, is UV resistant, and will not expand or contract regardless of temperature, sunlight, or other conditions. Dureflex has many added benefits, most importantly the ease of cleaning and maintaining. Unlike other flooring systems, it is easy to shampoo and dry, and there is no need to spend hours cleaning or mopping the floor.