3 Things You Should Know About Spring Hinge Door Closer

A spring hinge door closer is a type of door hardware that swings open and closed. It is used on interior doors, generally in residential homes. This article will go over 3 things you should know about spring hinge door closers before installing one for your home!

1) Doors with spring hinges are easier to use than old-fashioned doors (no need to swing them out of the way or push hard against it).

2) Spring hinges make it easy to adjust how far the door opens by simply loosening or tightening the spring tensioner.

3) A spring hinge allows you to close a fully opened door without using your hands because there’s no resistance when pushing against open space.

In conclusion, they are a great option for interior doors in your home. They allow you to adjust the spring tensioner and open/close the door with ease!