The Feijoa Pancakes Recipe

If your typical egg-and-rice or oats-and-milk breakfast is becoming too boring, then consider shaking things up a bit with new food. Instead of plain old regular pancakes, why not make feijoa pancakes with a sour-sweet taste that you will absolutely love?

Feijoa is also known as guavasteen or pinapple guava. It is native to Brazil and other parts of South America. You won’t find it in cold countries since the tree is sensitive to low temperature. Fortunately, some groceries have these so you can try it and make different recipes with it.

You can add scooped or mashed feijoa directly onto the batter. Another approach is to add it later as garnish with yogurt and honey. You could also find packaged products that have already been prepared for you. This is the most convenient as you only need to reheat before eating.