Some Gut Friendly Foods

The health of your stomach can impact your overall wellbeing to a surprising degree. Eating the right foods can ensure that you have a healthy gut. Following are some examples of gut friendly foods:

• Yoghurt – an excellent source of good bacteria (called probiotics)
• Kefir – made from fermented milk this yoghurt drink also contains bacteria that are friendly to the stomach
• Miso – made from fermented soy beans, barley or rice, miso contains gut-friendly bacteria and enzymes.
• Sauerkraut – this well-known staple of German cooking is rich in probiotics, fiber and vitamins
• Kimchi – this Korean dish is made from fermented vegetables and is rich in bacteria and fiber
• Sourdough – a good option to other types of bread, sourdough is made from fermented yeast and is more easily digested than regular bread