Why You Need An Adult ADHD Doctor

ADHD is a chronic condition in which a person experiences difficulty paying attention, hyperactivity, and impulse control. Oftentimes this is something that begins in childhood but unfortunately, it can go undiagnosed then as well. Just because it hasn’t been diagnosed doesn’t mean it didn’t exist because this is a persistent, long-term condition.

When you have ADHD you’re likely to suffer from low self-esteem, have trouble with your relationships, and find yourself struggling with school or work. This is because you’ll only be able to pay attention to something for a short amount of time. You’ll also struggle with hyperactivity.

As an adult, if you think you’re suffering from ADHD you’ll want to get in touch with an adult ADHD doctor. This could be a psychologist, a psychiatrist, or a neurologist. They’ll conduct a screening to determine if you are suffering from ADHD. Once you’ve been diagnosed you can be treated with a combination of medication and talk therapy.