Blending Essential Oils Helps In Aromatherapy

Essential oils are used in aroma therapy that besides helping to create the right moods and aid in healing, can also give your living space aromas that everyone will appreciate.

Some essential oils can dominate, whereas others are more subtle in the fragrance they give out. Some scents are deeper, sharper and stronger, while others create their magic in their own simple way. How then do you get the advantage of both when you use your essential oil diffuser.

You can do this by using diffuser oil blends that you can create from the array of oils that you have. Blending essential oils in a diffuser is easy if you choose your blend of oils with care. Start blending the oils according to the scent they give out and it may require a little experimentation to get the right quantities of each oil that you are putting into your blend. Keep making change in combinations till you find the blend that suits you the best.